Town Ordinances

2024-01: Establishing Split Shifts for Election Workers

2023-01:  Creating Licensing of Short Term Rentals

2022-02:  Golf Carts

2022-01:  Fireworks Sale and Use

2019-03:  All-Terain Vehicles

2019-02:  All-Terrain Vehicles

2019-01:  Creating Licensing of Short Term Rentals

2016-02:  Establishing Board of Review Members and Alternates

2016-01:  Appoint Alternate Members to Board of Review

2015-02:  Opt-In for Category BIOHs, Category 1Ag CMVs, or the trailering of one of either of these two types of vehicles from farm to field, from field to field, or from farm to farm, to comply with the statutory axle weight limits under § 348.15(3)(b) pursuant to § 348.15(9) (f)2.

2015-01:  All-Terrain Vehicles

2014-05:  Set Speed Limit on Town Road: Ski Hill Road

2013-06:  All-Terrain / UTV Vehicles

2013:  Inter Governmental Agreement Between Town of Bayfield and Town of Russell

2009-07:  All Terrain Vehicles

2009:  Pikes Bay Sanitary District Expansion

2008-05:  Regulating Signs and Signage (Rescinds And Replaces 2007-07)

2007-07:  Regulating Signs And Signage

2007-03:  Revising Growth Incentive Fund And By Laws of Operation

2006:  Tractor - Mower - Disc - Boom Mower Agreement Between Town of Bayfield And Town Of Russell (Replacing Agreement From 05082001)

2006-17:  Naming the Official Newspaper for the Town of Bayfield

2006-16:  Establishing Recycling

2005-21:  Pike's Bay Sanitary District Expansion

2005-15:  Town Of Bayfield Plan Commission

2005-12:  Issuance of Citations for Violations of Town Ordinances

2005-11:  Hotel / Motel / Inn Room Taxes

2005-09:  Destruction Of Obsolete Records

2005-08:  Confidentiality of Income and Expense Records

2005-06:  Establishing Board Of Review Members And Alternates

2004 - 2005:  Room Tax Agreement Between The Town Of Bayfield And The Bayfield Chamber of Commerce

2003-03:  Establishing A Board Of Review

2003-02:  All-Terrain Vehicles

2003-01:  Private Driveway and Private Road

2002-01:  Appointment Of One Individual To Serve In The Office of Town Treasurer

2002: Pikes Bay Sanitary District Expansion

2001-01:  Snowmobile Residential Access (Rescinds and Replaces 1996-01 and 2001-01)

2000-02:  Confidentiality Of Income And Expenses Provided to Assessor for Assessment Purposes

2000-01:  Appoint Alternate Members For Board Of Review

1999-01:  Weight Limits

1998-02:  Appointment Of One Individual To Serve In The Office Town Clerk

1998-01:  Road and Road Sign Policy

1997-01:  Resolution To Discontinue Portion Of The Alley In Block 84, Dalrymple Addition

1996-02: All-Terrain Vehicles

1996-01:  Snowmobile Residential Access

1994:  Amendment to Chapter 1 - Recycling

1993-03:  Hotel / Motel Room Tax

1993-02:  List of Town Roads; Amendment to 1987-01

1993-01: Business Continuation; Amendment to 1990-30

1993:  Amending the Order Creating Pike's Bay Sanitary District

1992-01:  Snowmobile Ordinance

1991-02:  Weight Limit

1991-01:  Operator (Bartender) License For Service Of Sale Of Alcoholic Beverages

1990-03:  Business Continuation

1990-02:  Destruction Of Obsolete Public Records

1990-01:  Issuing Provisional Operators' License Prior To Regular Board Of Supervisors Meeting

1989-01:  Issuing Provisional Operators' License

1988-01:  Establishing A Commission To Govern Ambulance Service

1987-01:  List Of Town Roads

1984-02:  Establishing Rules And Regulations For The Acceptance Of Private Roads

1984-01:  Accomodations Tax

1983-01:  Prohibiting Issuance Of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses For Nonpayment of Taxes, Assessments And Claims

1971-01:  Establish The Bulkhead Line Of Part Of The Town Of Bayfield