Deputy Clerk Job Opening

Part-Time Deputy Clerk Job Opening

The Town of Bayfield is hiring a Deputy Clerk to assist with general town business and responsibilites under WI State Statute 60.33.  Duties will include assisting with, and maintaining knowledge of, elections and absentee ballot processing, in-person and online meetings, town records, correspondence, licensing, and financial records including payroll.  The Deputy Clerk should be available to maintain statutory duties in the case of the Town Clerk’s absence.  Basic experience with Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel is necessary.  Experience with Adobe Acrobat Pro, general website management, bookkepping, and Zoom is helpful.  This is a part-time position with weekly office hours and occasional evening hours for monthly meetings and elections.  Some duties can be completed from home once trained.  Pay is negotiable depending on experience.  Position open until filled.  Please send a letter detailing your skills and interest by email to [email protected].  A job description is available below.  

Kelly Faye, Clerk

Posted: July 14th, 2023


Deputy Clerk Job Description

The Deputy Clerk will assist the Town Clerk to maintain the statutory duties required in WI State Statutes 60.33 and be prepared to fulfill these duties in the case of the Town Clerk’s absence. The Deputy Clerk will also assist in various administrative tasks related to municipal government as assigned.

Responsibilites may include, but are not limited to, assistance with the following…

-Election Administration: Absentee Ballot Processing, Scheduling of Poll Workers, and Election Day Management.

-Town Meetings: Agenda and Minute Preparation, Meeting Packets, and Online and In-Person Meeting Attendance.

-Accounting: Processing of Bills, Payroll, and Payroll Taxes.

-Reports: Preparation and Filing of Required State and Grant Reporting Forms.

-Licensing: Processing of Short-Term Rental and Other Municipal Licenses and Upkeep of Related Records.

-Website Management: Editing and Updating of Online Information and Calendar.

-Record Maintenance: Managing Minute Books, Filing, and General Organizational Tasks.

-Correspondence: Email, Phone, and In-Person Customer Service as Needed.

The Deputy Clerk reports to the Bayfield Town Board. Rate of hourly pay is negotiable depending on experience. This is a part-time position with variable hours, generally ranging from 10-15, but occasionally up to 20-hours per week. The Deputy Clerk will be expected to work in Bayfield Town Hall Office on Tuesdays from 8AM-4PM for at least the first six months of employment to allow for training. Additional weekly hours may be required depending on election cycles, meeting schedules, and current issues. Once trained, some of the duties required may be completed from home. Must be available to attend monthly evening Town Board meetings and early morning/late night shifts on Election Days as needed. Must be willing to attend online and in-person trainings as provided by the WI Elections Commission and WI Towns Association. The successful candidate will be expected to gain and maintain awareness of issues related to municipal government such as open meetings law and election procedures. Must be able to work independently. Must be willing to become a notary within three months of hire. All candidates will be subjected to a background check.